– All should use the text and at least two additional sources.

Option A: Change something about yourself in terms of adornment (clothing, jewelry, style, hair, etc.). Make sure that it is a big enough change that those around you will notice and that you have enough places to travel to get good reactions. Observe the reactions of those around you. You may need to have someone help you with observations. Do not do anything illegal, or that will get you fired. However, do have fun.

    1. What reactions did you expect?
    2. What reactions did you observe?
    3. What reaction did your helper observe?
    4. Did the reactions depend on the relationship you had with those around you?
    5. What does your clothing say about you? How do clothing and other adornments “make a person”?

    here is a brain storm: I’ll choose to talk about clothing in general. I am from Saudi Arabia, so it’s really a big difference to me , back when in Saudi I cannot wears what am wearing right now. In Saudi there no such a thing as jewelry, tattoos, it’s a conservative community and if you are going out of the box, people will look and stare at you, maybe some of them will talk to you and said this is not allowed,,,,,(am student in the US for almost 4 years)

    When I went back home last year, i can tell people are sort of stating at me and looking at me little bit weirdly .

    I was expecting some reactions from people, but not this fast, immediately in the security gate the police man was looking at me in funny way, he said from where are you coming from? I said America, he gave me a pity look, then he said ok I see.(i went back for a vecation)

    even at the chick points, they will search me and treat me differently than people who wearing a traditional Saudi costume.

    Even with family, friends, people who used to see me before, like the man who owns the grocery store near my home, Neighbors, mostly every one that i met dropped a kind of comment.

    People there are not familiar with tattoos, man bun, or anything is not traditional, so when you look different than people, they will stare at you and maybe make some comments, positive or negative ether ways.

    And about the helper, I’ll consider everyone who was with me during any situation as a helper. Many of my friends were saying people looking at me weirdly, like i am an alien or something.

    And surly am gonna have more comments from close people as family and friends.

    And about my clothing, it’s not saying much, but I like to be clean and dress well, and this is making me more confident of myself I guess, it’s like when you just got a haircut and wearing something new, I believe that’s give a some kind of comfort and confident.

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