Your final cultural assessment project is due this week, and includes two parts:

  • An interview with an individual with a different cultural heritage other than your own, and
  • Your final paper submission


For this section of your paper, you were to have chosen an individual, such as a patient, neighbor, grandparent, in-law, or friend. Do not use a classmate, parent, brother, sister, spouse, or significant other. Use only the person’s initials to identify; assure them of confidentiality.

  • Interview a person of different cultural heritage other than their own, such as a patient, neighbor, grandparent, in-law, or friend. Use only the person’s initials to maintain confidentiality.
  • Use the same eight self-assessment cultural domains to ask questions of the interviewee.
  • Identify similarities and differences between cultural beliefs and practices described in the literature and those described by the person interviewed (using the Purnell guidebook or any other sources you searched).

Final Paper Submission:

  • Discuss how the knowledge gained by completing this project enhanced your personal cultural competence and your nursing practice cultural competence.
  • Use APA 6th formatting of title page, reference page, in-text citations, and collegial writing skills in punctuation, spelling, grammar, and word tense.
  • Project paper was kept within the 10-12 page parameters.
  • Use a minimum of two credible references throughout the paper.
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