Hopefully with an understanding of twentieth century politics we have set the background to having some knowledge of why the crisis at Central High happened. We have examined the politics of twentieth century Arkansas and looked at some of the major figures. YOU MUST COMMENT ON AT LEAST TWO OTHER POSTS.

It could be argued that the crisis in Little Rock was inevitable. Using the questions below as guide: Was the Central High crisis inevitable?

a) Who were the Little Rock Nine?

b) What organizations and people were for and against desegregation of the school? And why?

c) Did it achieve longer term goals?

d) What has become of the original nine students


We are currently examining The Crisis at Central High. The assignment is a discussion board and I have provided some prompt questions to guide your research and reading. Pay particular attention to question c as this is the one that should prompt the most discussion. Remember you should make your initial post and then comment on at least two others. Failure to do so and it will be an incomplete assignment and you get a zero.

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