1) How are those with mental illness in our society suffering from stigmatization? Is our cultural and societal view and understanding of mental illness shifting?

2) Discuss societal views about marijuana (in the past and currently) and the associated behaviors involving marijuana being deviant (or not) and their changing attitudes towards marijuana use.

3) Give a through definition of the word deviance? Why is this a difficult task? Second, Choose a form of political or corporate deviance and discuss if these types of deviants are held accountable in American society. If yes, how?

This is a graduate level “essay” exam and should be written like one. There are 3 questions that must be answered in their entirety. Responses should be at least 700 words each (not counting sources and references) and each should have at least 2 different scholarly sources – properly cited in accordance with APA 6th edition.
Content and critical thought are key here. Follow all directions carefully. Email me with questions.

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