Using the database you created in Week One, complete the following:

  • Create a customer invoice form that allows the user to create or edit previously entered orders (from the Week Two assignment).
  • Address the following:
    • Ensure that within the customer invoice, the user is able to pick a customer from a drop-down menu and select multiple items from the inventory database to include on the invoice.
    • Use a subform for the items portion of the invoice. It is recommended that you use at least one item form as the subform.
    • Ensure that the form allows the user to specify the quantity and use the price from the Items table to calculate a pre-tax invoice price.
    • Include a header and footer within one of the forms you create.
    • Ensure the form links to at least one valid customer and item.

Submit your Access® database file, as your deliverable for this assignment, to the Assignment Files tab above.

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