Case study- Word Count 1200 ONLY

Choose a not-for-profit organisation* and analyse the following seven aspects of community sustainability:

1. Potential for sustainability (financial, environmental and from the perspective of the volunteer);

2. Need for volunteers;

3. Treatment of volunteers versus paid employees;

4. Point of differentiation within the community;

5. Positive or negative issues regarding the sustainability of the organisation;

6. Relation to theory discussed in class and

7. Stakeholders concerns.

* Some examples of not-for-profit organisations: (MUST BE AN AUSTRALIAN NON PROFIT ORGNISATION)

Australian Council State Emergency Services, Australian Council of Social Services, The Smith Family, Balmain Rugby Club, Cancer Council NSW, Councils, Universities, Public Schools, St Vincent de Paul, Surf Life Saving Australia, Child Fund Australia, OzHarvest, Core Community Service, The Salvation Army, Volunteering Australia, Faith-based organisations, National Association of Community Legal Centres, Community Legal Centres NSW, Townsville Community Legal Service Inc., RSL Clubs etc.

Include research on organisational analysis, decision making and change in organisations and sustainability for not-for-profit organisations; include a minimum of 3 references (academic/scholarly publications).

Structure of Case Study

Paragraph 1 -Introduction-100 Words

(Talk about the chosen not-for-profit organisation, explain its purpose and how it benefits the community)

Paragraph 2-Executive Summary-100 Words

(Explain what the case study is going to discuss)

Paragraph 3-Potential for sustainability (financial, environmental and from the perspective of the volunteer)-100 Words Max

For all practical purposes; if there is information; you can talk about the organisation’s commitment to reduce waste, promote recycling, reuse, reduce carbon foot-print etc.

Paragraph 4-Need for volunteers-100 Words Max

Paragraph 5-Treatment of volunteers versus paid employees-100 Words Max

Paragraph 6-Point of differentiation within the community -100 Words Max

(Point of difference refers to the factors that establish differentiation in the products and services offered by organisations. Differentiation is the way in which the goods or services of an organisation differ from its competitors. How does the not-for-profit organisation that you have chosen differentiate its services from other organisations that provide same/similar service? Is the point of difference working? Are the clients able to see increased benefit from the not-for-profit organisation? Are the volunteers able to see value in contributing to the organisation’s efforts continuously?)

Paragraph 7-Positive or negative issues regarding the sustainability of the organisation 100 Words Max

Paragraph 8-How this organisation can build a sustainable communities-100 Words Max

Paragraph 9-Stakeholders concerns.-100 Words Max

(Clearly and accurately describes the unique perspectives of multiple key stakeholders; demonstrates insightful analysis of strategic tensions or conflicts of interest between the stakeholders)

Paragraph 10-Conclusion -100 Words Max

Paragraph 11-Reference


  • Presents accurate and detailed descriptions of the problems and issues central to the topic; provides a well-focused diagnosis of strategic issues and key problems that demonstrates an excellent grasp of the company’s present situation and strategic challenges; descriptions are compelling and insightful; provides a thorough and effective executive summary
  • Makes appropriate, insightful, and powerful connections between the issues and problems and relevant theory and empirical data; effectively integrates multiple sources of knowledge with topic information
  • Effectively weighs and assesses a variety of alternative actions that address the multiple issues central; proposes detailed plans of action; action plans are realistic and contain thorough and well reasoned justifications for sustainability
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