write 2 paragraph 500 words MLA Style, use the attachments to answer the questions for paragraph 1 and 2. i am writing about the campus health of University of Arizona and how they communicate.

1) History and Background,(intro) paragraph 1

Describe a brief history and description of the resource you are studying. When was it founded? How long has it been serving the UA community?

Describe your personal interest in and connection to the resource. Why did you choose to study this resource? What did you hope to learn or find out? How does the work of this resource connect to your experience as a UA student?

What were your research question(s)? Give a brief overview of the research you conducted.

2) Who, What, Where(paragraph 2)

Discuss the hard facts of the resource. Who works there? Where is it located? What is their central mission statement? Don’t just list these facts- discuss how these details facilitate their work on campus. For example: “The Student Union is located by the Main Lawn, which makes it highly visible for students and easy to access for all people attending the UA. The leaders of the Student Union come from a variety of backgrounds and work in other offices on campus; the diversity of the leaders’ backgrounds helps them relate to and engage with a variety of people on campus who may have different interests.”

see the attachments before start writing

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