Week 3: Dialogue

Please respond the following assignment in the Dialogue area of Blackboard:

Post a message that explains and discusses why information cleansing is critical to an organization’s business intelligence tool’s success. Describe how organizations use business intelligence to gain a competitive advantage. Support your post with at least two peer-reviewed scholarly journal references.

In addition, describe from a biblical worldview the importance for organizations to maintain accurate consumer information.

Reply to two students and use your research to add to or challenge the findings of your peers. Support your responses with at least one peer-reviewed scholarly journal reference.

Above is our original post that we had to answer that I have done. Below is one of my fellow students post that I need to respond to in 300-400- words in APA format with correct citing.

Business Intelligence is information collected from multiple sources such as suppliers, customers, competitors, partners, and industries that analysis patterns, trends, and relationships for strategic decision making. (Baltzan, 2018). As this raw data is collected and utilized by multiple users and databases, information is not always uniform across the board which can be confusing and cause inconsistencies. Also changes in variables can and do add to duplications, inaccurate, missing, or non-relevant information which is very costly to a company. Information cleansing is the process that weeds out and fixes or discards inconsistent, incorrect, or incomplete information using powerful software tools that use sophisticated procedures that analyze, standardize, correct, match, and consolidate data warehouse information. (Baltzan, 2018).

Why is this critical in gaining competitive advantage? Access to the right data is essential, as accurate and properly coded data provides the foundation for category management strategies, including leveraging, pricing agreements, quantity discounts, value analysis, supply based optimization and other important cost management activities. (Handfield, 2010). Powerful software tools give managers the ability to create multiple versions of the information collected and to scrutinize every area of the business to see how well they are using their resources and satisfactorily meeting their customers’ needs. Through careful data analytics, visualization, data mining, and information cleansing the company strategically positions itself to stay at the forefront of the market and remain innovative. It is imperative for the prudent manager to be constantly abreast of the latest and most up-to-date information to help propel the company forward, keep it growing, and stay ahead of the competition.

From a Biblical perspective, the importance of why accuracy is so important is found in Deuteronomy 25:13-15; “In all your transactions you must use accurate scales and honest measurements, so that you will have a long, good life in the land the Lord your God is giving you”. (Tyndale House Foundation, 1971). Zechariah 8:16 says, “These are the things you must do: speak truth to one another, make true and sound decisions within your gates”. (Holman Bible Publishers, 1999). The Lord is extremely concerned with accuracy, so much so, that when He gave Moses the instructions to build the tabernacle, He told him to follow the pattern given him exactly.


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