Please use the IRAC method to write for the following 2 law cases.

1.Issue– What is the legal question/issue of the case?

2.Rule– What is the rule of law governing the issue?

3.Analysis– How does the issue and rule of law fit the specific facts of the case/scenario

4.Conclusion– What is your conclusion based upon the above elements of the IRAC method? What is your answer to the question asked?

Case 1, about law—-Negligence

Jana, a famous country western singer, slips her new Chevy Silvarado truck into park and leaves her truck’s motor running while she enters a Kwik-Pik Store. The truck’s transmission slips into reverse and the vehicle knocks over and injures a patron before crashing into a gas pump and starting a fire that spreads to a warehouse on the next block. The warehouse collapses, causing its billboard to fall and injure Lou, a bystander.

Analyze Patron’s and Lou’s negligence suit against Jana (there may be different results). Use complete IRAC (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. presentation including relevant defenses Jana may raise. Write your issue statement as a single sentence. Bring in appropriate case law to support your analysis. Consider and discuss policy issues behind the seminal cases as it applies to this case. Use hypotheticals to offer a different fact to illustrate a different outcome if that is appropriate.

Case 2, about law—Strict Product Liability

Baxter manufactures electric hair dryers and curling irons. Julie purchases a Baxter curling iron r from her local Ace Drugstore. Cox, a friend and guest in Julie’s home, has taken a shower and wants to curl her hair. Julie tells Cox to use the Baxter hair curler that she has just purchased. Cox picks the curler up from the puddle of water where Julie has left it. As she plugs in the curler, sparks fly from the motor, and sparks continue to fly as she operates it. Despite this Cox begins curling her hair. Suddenly, the overheated curler ignites into flames, severely burning Cox’s scalp.

Using IRAC analyze Cox’s Strict Product Liability claim against Baxter. Include relevant defenses in your analysis. Bring in appropriate case law to support your analysis. In your analysis, be sure to discuss how different elements are determined. Again, if use of a hypothetical makes your discussion clearer please do

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