The Final Project will consist of building a CORBA distributed application using Java IDL. You are to build a CORBA IDL program as a distributed application. The program will have multiple operations that return a string to be printed. The client will invoke the method of the server. The ORB will transfer that invocation to the servant object registered for that specific IDL interface. The server servant’s method will return a Java string. The ORB will transfer that string back to the client. Finally, the client will print the value of that string.

To complete your Final Project, you will need to identify a distributed system that already exists or create one that is necessary for a current business, church, or school. Preferably, you need to select an organization that has business processes and operations you are familiar with. Develop a CORBA application that integrates with the identified distributed system. The LibertyU assignment that you recently completed provides a general example of this project. However, your CORBA application will be designed to meet the specific distributed business needs that you have identified. In addition, your project will design multiple interfaces that facilitate these needs. If you are uncertain of your business problem, make sure you contact your professor for prior approval. You will need to take a screenshot of multiple steps and save these throughout the creation of your Final Project.

Develop a 450–500 word, current APA-formatted report that describes:

  • The business problem;
  • The scope of the distributed system objectives; and
  • The CORBA solution including its design and implementation.

Step 1: Start your project by identifying your server-side mappings. Justify your selection using scholarly or industry research and include this justification in your report.

  • The inheritance model
  • The delegation model

Step 2: Define your interfaces. Your project must include at least 2 interfaces that meet the specified needs of the business.

Step 3: Implement your server that operates with EACH of your interfaces in Step 2. At the minimum, this must include:

  • Developing the ORB instance;
  • Referencing the proper POA;
  • Developing a servant instance;
  • Designing a root naming context; and
  • Registering your new objects.

Step 4: Implement your client application. Your client application must:

  • Initialize an ORB;
  • References the root naming context;
  • References the appropriate naming contexts for your CORBA object; and
  • Designs an invocates at least 2 operations and prints the results.

Step 5: Build and run the client-server application.

  • Include at least 10 screenshots along the way that include a date, time, and visible element on your computer showing authenticity.
  • Include a copy of your log files.
  • Compile your .java files.
  • Start ORBD.
  • Start your new business server.
  • Run your new client application.
  • Take a screen shot of your program running.
  • Save it to the java project folder.

Your Final Project must include the following items, compressed and submitted to the assignment link:

  • 450–500 word report on the business problem and solution;
  • At least 10 screenshots of each step to include: date, time, and visible element showing authenticity;
  • Copy of your log files; and
  • Screen shot of the running program.
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