For the final paper, I will research the Boston Public Library because I am really interested in how the library became one of the most gorgeous libraries in the U.S. and how both the building and the books have developed. The reason I am so interested in researching the library is that there is a huge difference between Chinese libraries and the Boston Public Library. Specifically, people go to Chinese libraries only to read books, study and do their homework while people go to the Boston Public Library for many other reasons in addition to studying. Chinese libraries are designed differently without statues, works of art and no specific place to socialize. (this part is selective, if you can find useful resources, then you can write about it) However, the Boston Public Library has plenty of statues inside and outside, paintings and a huge courtyard where people can have conversations and a cup of coffee with their friends. Also, the library is close to me so it is easy to visit and do interviews with the staff.

My initial argument is that the Boston Public Library is not only a library, but also is a landmark of Boston. I will start my research paper by explaining what a library is in general and all of the reasons that explain why people go to the library. Is it only for reading books or other reasons? The second part of my research paper is about why does the Boston Public Library attract people who come to visit Boston? I will also research how it evolved to become a landmark. For example, I will discuss two stone lions at the entrance and other works of art that attract people. In addition, how did the decoration and design of the Boston Public Library change.

Third part: ……

(*Be creative)

Argument: Boston public library is not only a library, but also is a landmark. (how can develop a strong argument based on this?)

at least 6 resources that are academic (peer reviewed journal/ news article…)

Only the the third one is academic, others don’t account for 6 resources.

DDL: 11/ 5

7 full pages (Need Citation!! MLA format)

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