Biological Psychology 2 Essay Assignment For this assignm…

Biological Psychology 2 Essay Assignment For this assignment, select a feature article from Scientific American (or its companion, Scientific American Mind) from the last few years and summarize, its main points in an essay. (Feature articles are referred to on the cover and are at least 5 pages long in the print version of the magazine.) The article must be on some aspect of neuroscience/biological psychology, but other than that you are free to choose whatever feature article you wish. In the last paragraph or two, describe your own reaction to the article. Your essay must be 2 to 3 FULL pages long, plus a title page. You must include a photocopy of the entire article or a printout of it if you purchased it from the Scientific American website. Avoid excessive quotation and simple paraphrasing. The Scientific American website can be very hard to navigate and does not make good distinctions between blogs and articles from the magazine. You may NOT use a blog for your article. The essay will be based on the comprehensiveness of the summary, the quality of your writing, and the depth of your thinking.

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