The Week 10 written assignment is based on the Management in Action case study found at the end of Ch. 10 on pp. 391-392 of the Kinicki and Williams book. The case looks at the role that individual differences such as personality traits and work-related attitudes play in the management process.

Like the Week 6 written assignment, this assignment is very straight-forward. You need to thoroughly answer the five discussion questions found on p. 392 at the end of the case. While answering these questions, you need to show that you understand the information provided in Ch. 11. The simplest way to approach this assignment is to present the discussion question (in all of its parts) and then answer it.

Reminder: The research and APA referencing requirements operative in the first written assignment are also applicable to this exercise. If you have forgotten about the nature of these assignments go back to the Week 3 written assignment for a refresher.

Pease read it carefully and complete all of the requirements which professor gave.

You could take out sources but still have to follow the book’s ideas.

I also attack the last paper, please do the same format: APA citation, references,….

Ask me if you have any questions

Thanks you!

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