Please research and create a chart for each of the following bacteria:

Enterobacter aerogenes (gram -)
A. faecalis (gram -)
C. xerosis (gram +)
M. luteus (gram +)
S. marcesens (gram -)
E. Coli (gram -)
B. subtillus (gram +)
S. epidermidis (gram +)
S. aureus (gram +)
P. mirabilis (gram -)

Research your expected results for each of the above bacteria for each of the following tests:

Stains- Endospore Stain, Simple Stain, Gram Stain, Negative Stain

Starch Agar Test

Lactose Sugar Test

Dextrose Sugar Test

Sucrose Sugar Test

Gelatin Test

Catalase Test

Lipase test

Casease test

Triple sugar iron test

EMB test

MSA test

MacConkey test

EDIT: I would also recommed looking up morphology on an NA plate (colony size, color, descriptors, etc)

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