Hello I need assistance with my bio assignment. I have to write a lab report on enzymes, digestion, and cellular respiration . The lab report consist of 4 parts, and Introduction, experimental design and procedure, analysis, and discussion. Must include the motivation for the research project the hypothesis, and apparatus. You must write 5-6 sentences for each part. This must be completed in apa format. I will provide you with the reading and lab experiment. This is not a research project its just a lab report so please dont make it too wordy just get straight to point. Do not plagiarize what so ever my professor is very strict so please you correct grammar, and punctuation and be sure to include your references…you must include at least three references. Also unanswered pre-lab question as well as the post lab questions This assignment must be completed by Sunday 10/29 no later!!! if you have any questions please contact immediately!!!

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