Assignment: Unit 1: Assignment 2: ‘What Is Ethics??…

Assignment: Unit 1: Assignment 2: ‘What Is Ethics?’ … This Mini Exam is based on my introductory lecture and your own ideas. In your own words, answer the following questions in as detailed a manner as you can, but be sure to stay on topic: In your own words, explain how the ancient Greeks understood ethics in terms of ethos or taking care of one’s self. Do you think it would be possible for modern people to think of ethics in that sense? Why or why not? Give one or two examples to illustrate your point of view. Discuss an example of what I refer to as ‘ethical tragedy’ that you’ve experienced first hand or witnessed in your own life. Do you think there is a difference between ‘ethics’ and ‘etiquette’? Are there similarities? How does the story of Narcissus help to illustrate the difference between ethical ‘self care’ and selfishness? I gave the example of someone on an airplane helping someone else in need. Come up with your own example to illustrate this idea. There is an old debate in philosophy between the ideas that human being are ‘naturally’ good or ‘naturally’ evil. Others have suggested that neither is true. What do you think and why?

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