1.1. Briefly describe the difference between observational and experimental data.

2.2. a. Briefly describe how you might design a study to investigate the relationship between smoking and lung cancer.

b. Is your study in Part a observational or experimental? Explain why.

3.3. List five important points to consider when designing a questionnaire.

4.4. a. Describe why the Literary Digest poll of 1936 has become infamous.

b. What caused this poll to be so wrong?

5. A statistics practitioner would like to conduct a survey to ask people their views on a proposed new shopping mall in their

community. According to the latest census, there are 800 households in the community. The statistician has numbered each

household (from 1 to 800), and she would like to randomly select 25 of these households to participate in the study. Use Excel to

generate the sample.

6. The operations manager of a large plant with four departments wants to estimate the person hours lost per month due to
accidents. Describe a sampling plan that would be suitable for estimating the plant-wide loss and for comparing departments.

6.7. Is it possible for a sample to yield better results than a census? Explain.

8. Explain the difference between sampling error and non-sampling error.

Record all on word document.

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