Pick 5 different work of art from the list of website below and interpret them. Please use a different link for each work, 200 words per, and cite it. The last piece needs to be roughly 250 words.

Explore a museum from the list of museum and digital image resources above. Select a work of art that particularly interests you. In your analysis, taking care to cite the textbook or any other source of information that you use in your journal. Contemplate the work of art, and discuss your interpretation of the art based on the characteristics of the corresponding movement in your art journal entry. Pay close attention to style, media (materials), methods, subjects, and any other details that make this work significant, using appropriate art terminology and taking care to correctly cite information that you use from the textbook or any other source. Be sure to include your personal reaction to the work of art and an image of the work. Include an image of the work of art you have chosen in your journal.

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