Please choose any topic about Criminal Justice then find at least 6 Academic sources then Do Annotated Bibliography as described below. The sources MUST be Academic Sources.

Annotated Bibliography

To better understand your topic, you will be asked to explore the scholarly literature about your topic. To do so, a minimum of six (6) reliable, academic sources must be used.

**As a note, since the focus here is on peer-reviewed, empirical findings, and reliable statistical information, non-governmental websites, Wikipedia (or any encyclopedia website), any sort of “answers” website, blogs, or popular magazines or news sources will not be considered an “academic source” and will not count towards your grade in this assignment**

Once you have identified your sources, you will prepare an annotated bibliography. In this assignment, you must:

  • 1) Provide a citation for the source correctly formatted in proper APA or MLA format.
  • 2) Immediately below the citation, summarize the contents of each article in your own words and discuss how it will help you understand your chosen topic. Each summary should be between one to three paragraphs. No direct quotations are permitted in this assignment.

Your annotated bibliography must be 5-7 doubled-spaced pages in length, not including the title page and reference page.

You should use Times New Roman, 12-point font. You can use either APA or MLA style.

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