Read the pdf attached and read the article in the link included at the end of this message.

Required: longer than 3 double-spaced pages each. Paper should be 12 pt type, with one inch margins. Please make sure that your name and student number appear on the first page of the document, and that the pages are numbered.

2. limited outside sources this is NOT a research paper, it is very simple, just identify the main actors and not list them you have to actually assign two main actors just the same as in game theory and try to understand what are they trying to maximize and what are the strategies that they are using to maximize those goals.

3. answer the following in your essay:

– Why did war break out in 1991 between President George H.W. Bush and Saddam Hussein of Iraq

– Why were the two leaders not able to reach a settlement before Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait

– After Hussein invaded Kuwait but before the war broke out, why were the two sides not able to reach a settlement that allowed Hussein to withdraw in exchange for peace?

be very straight forward with your answer it doesn’t have to be extra creative or anything just a good analysis of why the war happened with the two main actors as what are they actually trying to achieve, i don’t want an essay stating that bush wanted security, i want to know how that security for him meant a lot for re-elections that is the key idea to understand the two actor’s main point and goals, personal and hidden ones that to the public it might not show.…

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