As a thriving future engineer, you may have this strong desire of inventing some tool that will make our

lives easier. Design one with your teammates.


1. alternative source to power devices

2. Describe your work in a report and deliver a power point presentation.

What you should do for the design part:

(a) Follow the Process of Design as described in class (and described in the following).

1) Define the problem: Cost, safety, performance, reliability.

2) Generate several solutions: Use brainstorm session, but choose 3 ideas.

3) Analyze and select a solution: Try the selected solutions and analyze the result for the

best option.

5) Implement solution and evaluate: Build a prototype

and check the effectiveness.

(b) Keep Diaries: You must keep diaries for all your activities for each step.

1) The diary (typed) must be included in the report.

Things to keep in mind when you prepare the report/presentation.

(a) Know your audiences: They can be the consumer of the tool or representatives of companies

who would like to initiate the mass production of your product. You need to make your

presentation understandable to the targeted audience.

(b) Be through, concise, and clear with your report: You need to provide your audience a report(s)

that will make your audience understand why you chose the certain design and why this is the

best tool or toy they can find in the market.

Suggested Report format:

Your report should contain the followings

(a) Cover page

(b) Table of Contents (Tables of Figures, Lists of Tables, etc.)

(c) Body of Report (Times New Roman Font, Font size between 10 to 12, all margins 1”,

between 1000 and 1500 words) with

a. Introduction

b. Section I with title

c. Section II with title (You can add more sections if you think you need more.)

d. Conclusion

(d) References

(e) Diary

(f) Optional appendix can be added

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