A. Assignment

TOPIC: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ( COPD)1. Demographic Information of The Patient ( NAME, GENDER, AGE, RACE)2. Chief Complaint:3. History Of Present Illness: Onset/Location/Duration/Character/Alleviating-Aggravating factors/Temporal pattern/Severity. Additional symptoms and previous treatment if known.4.Past Medical History5.“Family Medical history:6.“Surgical Medical history:7.Review of systems and Physical Examination : HHENT, NEURO, CARDIO RESP, GI, GU, MUSCULOSKELETAL.8. As part the objective component include: Vital signs, body measurements.9.Diagnostic Test:10.Main Diagnosis with explanation of what it is:11.Mention 3 Differentials Diagnosis each one with citation: If medication include route, dose and frequency ( Describe the goals, priorities and education provided. Include a citation per therapeutic option and education.)13. New orders for diagnostic testing. Include rationale and one citation per order.14.Follow up and Referrals15. Rational Paragraph justifying a theoretical perspective supporting your management approach.16. References ( No older that 5 years)5 PAGESAPA Style 6th EditionNO PLAGIARISM AT ALL MUST HAVE LESS THAN 6 % OR WILL HAVE A FAIL GRADENEED IT FOR MONDAY JANUARY 29, 2022 EARLY IN THE MORNINGDONY NEED TO BE EXTENSIVE BUT NEED TO FILL OUT EACH SECTION CORRECTLY.5 PAGES

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