I have attached the assignment with the elements so you can choose as it relate to my paper. I have also added my assignment from unit 4 which this is an add to assignment answering the questions. I have also added the paper the tutor did to see if you can make adjustments accordingly instead of rewording what I did in my unit 4 assignment.

This is in outline format, your work NEEDS TO BE IN PARAGRAPH FORMAT.

First: Discuss your position and the proposal you want to work on. This is your introduction. Remember, do not use an abstract.

Second: Described three (3) potential grants that would work for your proposal.

  1. Be specific on the grantors/funding opportunities, if you can find exact matches I will accept funding opportunities that could relate to your program.
  2. Provide a good overview of each opportunity; what it does, money it provides, etc.
  3. Rank them in importance for your proposal. In short, which funding opportunity works the best (1st place), and so on.
  4. Feel free to use the Internet to find potential grants. If you have problems finding grant opportunities just use examples that are as close as you can find, I’ll accept those.

Third: Describe the four (4) elements you discussed in the Phase 3. If you discussed more than one you can either 1) pick your favorite four (4) or, 2) described all of the elements you discussed in Phase 3 as they relate to your task.

Fourth: Wrap up your discussion with a conclusion briefly reiterating what you just discussed for this assignment.

  1. Remember to do a word count (do not include the title or reference page) making sure you met the 1,000 – 1,500 word requirement).
  2. APA everything, in-text citations, references, font, etc. Use the General Template as a resource.
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